Grey Matter

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Grey Matter is a video podcast series as well as a column that examines ideas in bioethics, culture, and law. Grey matter in the brain is responsible for processing information, and “grey areas” refers to questions/matters without clear answers, or the “should” questions. These are the questions that the show is interested in exploring.

Grey Matter. Where we process the grey areas of culture. 

With Kaitlin Puccio, Esq., M.S.

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Episode 11: “What Is A Woman?” – May 22, 2023 – Whether pliable terminology helps advance the conversation about trans rights.

Episode 10: “Othering The Trans Community” – May 15, 2023 – The science underlying the ethics of trans women in sports.

Episode 9: “The Second Amendment Part 2: Weapons Bans” – May 8, 2023 – The arguments for and against an assault weapons ban.

Episode 8: “The Second Amendment Part 1: Linguistics” – May 1, 2023 – How to interpret the text of the Second Amendment.

Episode 7: “Transitioning Minors Part 2: Gender Dysphoria Zeitgeist” – April 24, 2023 – Whether society has started normalizing gender dysphoria in youth.

Episode 6: “Transitioning Minors Part 1: Decision-Making Capacity Under Age 18” – April 17, 2023 – Whether the age of legal majority matters in youth transitioning.

Episode 5: “Body Modification” – April 10, 2023 – Where gender reassignment surgery falls on the spectrum of harm.

Episode 4: “The Brain Part 2: Trauma, Memory, and Identity” – April 3, 2023 – The impact of fear response suppression on identity.

Episode 3: “The Brain Part 1: Psilocybin and Existential Distress” – March 27, 2023 – How psilocybin interacts with memories and why it’s still not available.

Episode 2: “When Is Life?” – March 20, 2023 – The abortion argument from an alternative perspective.

Episode 1: “The Problem With Them” – March 13, 2023 – An analysis of the modern use of they/them pronouns using Boolean logic.