Kaitlin’s articles have been translated into Italian, Estonian, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, and French.

The Huffington Post

I Am Not My Treatment: A Disease Overshadowed by Glutenspeak (article written at the request of Beyond Celiac)

The Truth About Pasta (article written at the request of The Guardian) (covered by National Pasta Association’s Pasta Fits and The Daily Meal)

Talking to Kids About Celiac (covered by The Celiac Scene)

8 Reasons Why I Wake Up With The Sun

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Tips for Managing Food Allergies on Holidays

Celiac Disease and Addiction

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The Four Noble Truths of Celiac

The Gluten-Free Fad and the Logical ‘Or’

Tips for Balancing Relationships When You Join the Celiac Circus (covered by Because Gustave, in French)

Think Your Pet Has a Food Allergy?

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Ethics of Gluten-Free

What’s So Bad About Wheat

6 Surprising Results of Going Gluten-Free

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3 Things We Can Learn About Celiac Disease From Italians

The Allergy Train

3 Ways I’m Not the Perfect Gluten-Free Girl

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Knowledge vs. Understanding in the World of Gluten

The Cost of Gluten-Free

What It Really Takes To Go Gluten-Free

3 Things You Thought Would Change By Going Gluten-Free

No Cookie for You

Gluten-Free? So No Potatoes

4 Ways Giving Up Gluten Improved My Life (covered by Iltalehti, in Finnish)

3 Misconceptions About Being Gluten-Free I Had as a Beginner (covered by Postimees, in Estonian.)

Gluten-Free Intolerance

A Guide to Gluten-Free Etiquette


3 Types Of Gluten-Free

What I Wish I’d Known About Celiac Disease Before I Learned I Had It

The Baby Spot

To Celiac and Beyond


Top 10 Tips For Helping Kinds Cope With Celiac Disease (article written at the request of Udi’s Gluten Free)

5 Crucial First Steps Toward Optimal Productivity

A Casual Relationship With Time

To Have A Life, Automate Your Life

Productivity Physics

How To Reach Your Personal Goals When You Have Zero Time

A Formula For Decision-Making Without Anxiety

Four Waffles and A Pancake

Intestinal Fortitude

Six Ways To Fit Days

Three Tips For Cleaning Out Clothes and Books

How My Schedule Expands My Comfort Zone

How To Make Travel Less Stressful By Reconsidering Your Luggage

The Six Most Frustrating Places in NYC If You’re Gluten-Free

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