ELLE is a novel and screenplay. The novel was released on April 20, 2021. Buy it HERE!

A grieving scientist creates an AI in his dead wife’s image, but his grip on reality and ethics deteriorates when he is left with an insatiable desire to preserve her essential identity.

NOMINEE: Best Screenplay (Unproduced), Northeast Film Festival

Official Selection, Northeast Film Festival (screenplay competition)
Official Selection, Action on Film Festival (screenplay competition)
Official Selection, Irvine International Film Festival (screenplay competition)
Official Selection, Pasadena International Film Festival (screenplay competition)
Official Selection, Sacramento International Film Festival (American Screenwriter Conference)

FINALIST: Richmond International Film Festival Screenplay Contest
SEMIFINALIST: Screencraft Sci-Fi Screenwriting Competition
FINALIST: Silent River Feature Screenplay Competition
FIRST RUNNER-UP: New Hampshire Film Festival Screenplay Contest
RUNNER-UP: Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards

Writer’s Statement:
The purpose of the script is to combine elements of filmmaking and philosophy to explore human interaction. Elle attempts to define or erase the line between “human” and “other.” Elle delves into such questions as, “What is the essence of a human?” and “How closely tied are physical parts of a being to the essence of that being?” The popular ideas debated in the philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and metaphysics quietly form the foundation of the story as the characters unknowingly demonstrate the breakdown of certain theories. A mix of philosophy, science, and psychology, the script is at its core simply about the connections between people, and the invisible elements that can destroy them.