Acting and Filmmaking


CIRCLES (short)                                                 Lead                                  Dir. Kaitlin Puccio
MACE AND SCABIES (short)                       Supporting                   Dir. Skip Bronkie
ONCE A YEAR  (short)                                      Supporting                   Dir. Erich Rettstadt
Sight and Sound Voiceover Project          Supporting                    Dir. Sam Reiss
Digital Frame and Sequence Project       Model                                Dir. Sam Reiss

Theatre and Dance
THAT’S SHOWBIZ! (Dance)                        Ensemble       Fred Astaire Dance Studio
THE DESK (Drama)                                           Lead                 Samuel E. Wright (Broadway’s
original “Mufasa”)
RADIO DAZE (Musical Comedy)                Principal         Dee Wright (of Broadway’s “AIDA”)
LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST (Comedy)          Understudy   Samuel E. Wright

Training and Education
Film and TV: Jennifer Rudolph – Mitchell/Rudolph Casting, The Actor’s Green Room
Acting: Kevin Kennison/Debra Wiley – ABC Film and Video
Acting for Film and TV: Bill Hopkins – Stella Adler Studio of Acting
Adler Technique: Betsy Parrish/Paula Stevens – Stella Adler Studio of Acting
Fundamentals of Acting: Chris Enright – Oswego Summer Theatre Intensive
Improvisation: Mark Cole/Karl Wildman – Oswego Summer Theatre Intensive
Alexander Technique: MaryBeth Hraniotis – instr. ACAT
Voice, Speech, Text: David Morgan – Oswego Summer Theatre Intensive
Stage Combat: David Morgan – Oswego Summer Theatre Intensive
Movement: Tricia Patrick – Oswego Summer Theatre Intensive
B.A. New York University 2010, College of Arts and Science – Philosophy, French, Creative Writing

Special Skills
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Latin and Ballroom Dance, Tennis, Skiing, Quading, Dirt Biking, Piano, Driving, French Language, Modeling

Festivals, Awards, Competitions
Hoboken International Film Festival: CIRCLES, Best Short Film Winner
Hoboken International Film Festival: CIRCLES, Best of the Festival Nominee
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival: CIRCLES, Gold Remi Award Winner
Golden Egg Film Festival LA: CIRCLES, Best Director Winner
Golden Egg Film Festival LA: CIRCLES, Best Actress Nominee
30 Under 30 Film Festival: CIRCLES, Best Director Nominee
Northeast Film Festival: ELLE, Best Screenplay Nominee
Screencraft Sci-Fi Screenwriting Competition: ELLE, Semifinalist
Richmond International Film Festival Screenplay Contest: ELLE, Finalist
Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards: ELLE, Semifinalist
New Hampshire Film Festival: ELLE, Runner Up
Other festival Official Selections for ELLE: Action on Film Festival

Events and Speaking Engagements
Women In Film Panel, moderated by Enid Zentelis. Panelist. Beacon Independent Film Festival, 2014.

Directing and Producing
CIRCLES (short) – Director, Executive Producer / Producer; Bent Frame. Nominations: Best Special Effects; Best Director of Photography; Best Supporting Actress; Achievement in Sound Design. Official Selections: Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival, Northeast Film Festival, Beacon Independent Film Festival, NewFilmmakers NY

Screenwriting and Script Editing
ELLE (feature) – Writer; Bent Frame (Official Selection Northeast Film Festival, Action on Film Festival, Irvine International Film Festival, Pasadena International Film Festival, Sacramento International Film Festival)
CIRCLES (short) – Writer; Bent Frame
RAPUNZEL (musical theater) – Script Editor; Galli Theater NY

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